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- All Likkered Up (Oglio) Every once and a great while, a CD arrives in the Askew Reviews PO Box that gets my attention like a whiskey bottle to the skull and Roger Alan Wade’s All Likkered Up is the latest to be shattered upon my dome. For years, Mr. Wade has been penning songs for some of  Country Western’s most venerated country singers; Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Hank Williams Jr. to name a few. Now, with the support of his actor cousin Johnny Knoxville (Jackass and soon to be released Dukes of Hazzard), Roger is releasing his very own country/western CD loaded with hilarious lyrics that’ll start as many hiccup inducing laughing fits as fist fights between the sexes. With songs titled “Butt Ugly Slut,” Gone Back to Whorin’,” “Fryin’ Bacon Nekkid,” and “BB Gun” you can get a pretty good idea of what the lyrics may offer. However, if you can’t expand your imagination: in “Poontang,” Wade sings, “So I asked her, ‘Darlin, can I smell your poontang?’ She said, ‘Why no!’ So I say ‘It must be your socks.” Drunken genius at work, folks! You’ll certainly find yourself singing along with Roger as he joyously declares in “BB Gun,” “I’d like to shoot you in the ass with a bb gun. Lay there in the tall grass and laugh at what I done. Put a blood blister upon each bun, I’d like to shoot you in the ass with a bb gun.” Wade paints his detailed lyrics with such a fine paint brush; one has to wonder how much of this stuff he’s actually experienced. Certainly a strong sense of authenticity going on here.  As catchy, entertaining, and hilarious as the songs are, Wade will not win any awards for his singing talent. However, the rawness of his voice twangs some honky tonk “charm” to the music making everything that much more entertaining, dangnabbit. If Blue Collar comedian Ron “Tater Salad” White is looking for a soundtrack to his comedy, his search will cease with this CD.  Invite some slobs over, hit the lickah (no wine allowed), and after about four hours into the boozin’, play this disc and let the real fun begin. – Denis Sheehan



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