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(Site) I have to give it up for confessional lyrics.  They're great.  They say everything they have to say, yet they're so relatable that a lot of other people feel as though they've just written their own heartwrenching song.  This is the case with Rock Kills Kid.  These songs are completely confessional, yet totally relatable.  While the songs deal with obvious issues within either all or just one of the group members lives, it's easy to piece these pieces into the puzzle of our own lives.  With lines like "I've been dying inside/got nothin' to hide/I think we should try to lose ourselves tonight for all that it's worth", the songs just feel like someone's personal diary.  This album, though short, packs an emotional wallop and at the same time never lets the listener down by getting mired down in the sadness.  It's a melancholy record without being overly dramatic.  The music is top-notch and the singing is very good as well.  Hopefully, we'll be hearing more from Rock Kills Kid in the very near future.  Good stuff these kids.  Good stuff indeed.-Liz Haebe


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