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(Asian Man) First released in 1995, Asian Man records has reissued this CD, but added a plethora of bonus material. You get the original 12 songs, 4 previously unreleased bonus songs, and 8 live tunes. The Riverdales were an off shot band from Screeching Weasel; Ben (Weasel) Foster, Dan (Vapid) Schafer, and Dan (Panic) Sullivan. The music is Ramones (very) like power pop punk powered with heavy chords. Foster and Schafer share the vocals. The live songs were recorded in Holland , September 1995 while touring with Green Day. These live songs are a treat as these guys didn’t play out all that much and the live stuff is hard to come by. While the original 13 tunes are great, I am not going to go into them as they are rather old. Of the unreleased bonus tracks, “I’m a Vegetable” screams guitar chords that’ll have you thinking Johnny Ramone is back from the great beyond. The quick “No Sense,” makes me wish this band stuck together and put out more than two CDs. The live recording is high quality and sounds amazing. Ah, to go back in time and see them live. The CD includes different artwork from the original, and shows Ben Foster with one head full of long hair. Holy crap! If you liked the original, the extra tracks make this purchase worth it. If you have not listened to the Riverdales, what are you waiting for? – Denis Sheehan



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