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The Unraveling: Reissued Edition (Fat Wreck). Are you ready to rock? That’s what you better ask yourself before you pop in this cd, because that is exactly what you’re going to do. In this reissued edition of The Unraveling, which includes two highly energetic bonus tracks “Join the Ranks“ and “Gethsemane”, you get forty plus minutes of rock heaven. This is one of the few CDs you can pop in during a party, and play in its entirety. No power ballads here, just a pure adrenaline rush! Some of my favorites would have to be “401 Kill” and “The Art of Losing”. In “401 Kill,” you hear Tom, the lead singer, let out an angry testament for the “little guy” who is never good enough; something that can relate to the outsider in all of us. Also, the title track “The Unraveling” and “Great Awakening” spoke to my revolutionary side. Yet, my favorite track has to be “Weight of Time.” This song has the best instrumental music on the album hands down. The beat changes about three times and you’re so busy rockin’ out that you don’t even notice. The baseline is awesome and keeps your attention the whole time. If you are into real hardcore music, that is hype, and fast-paced, definitely check out this CD. It’s like having a mosh pit in your head.-Krystal Clark



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