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RIGHT BRIGADE ( Listening to these guys reminds me a lot of the early ‘90s loft parties I used to sometimes go to near Boston’s South Station (in fact, I think Right Brigade is from Boston..ed note...yes, they are from Boston).  Bring your own beer and muck around to lots of intense hardcore.  Watch fist-dancing Boot Boys pound the bejesus out of each other, all the while enjoying the hell out of themselves and their friends’ bands.  Right Brigade gives us 14 songs that alternate between driving, smashing wallops and mid-paced grinders.  Some songs include elements of both.  Most of them feature angry, troubled accusatory lyrics.  I think my favorite here is “Fuck The Kids”: 30 seconds of gleeful, unbridled aggression.  Without actually seeing a picture of the band, I know they could all (each individually) kick my ass. I guess that’s not saying much, but you get the idea.  –Ben Hunter


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