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(Good Cop Bad Cop link fails, and I can't find a jpg of the CD cover) I love this concept.  Record 24 Boston-area punk bands in a marathon 24-hour session and release just what you get- good, bad and ugly.  This is the second time ol’ Pete from Meat Depressed has done this, and this go-round also features a bonus 25th track, Black Fag’s charming “Cunt Hunt.”  Before I go on, I have to admit that I was biased towards liking this before I even listened to it.  Just prior to my own band imploding we were seriously considering trying to be a part of Pete’s first compilation, Scene Of The Crime, and I’ve shared the stage with a bunch of the mofos on this disc.  That said, I think I’d like at least some of Return To The Scene Of The Crime regardless.  A lot of the songs are gloriously un-P.C. and crude as all get out, and I’m a sucker for that sorta nonsense.  Oddly enough, the song I’m having the hardest time getting out of my head is the only really non-punk cut on this disc, Lenny & The Piss Poor Boys’ country twangin’ “Homo Rainbow.”  It’s 50-seconds’ worth of blunt, tactless acceptance of the gay lifestyle, probably lifted from the brainwaves of a recent Queer Eye makeover recipient (even though it was recorded before the show actually existed, but you get the idear).  The USM’s smooth but tough sing-a-long “Blame It On Me” is another one that sticks pleasantly in my craw.  Surprise, surprise- the first 2 songs I single out just happen to feature members of the legendary Darkbuster…Of the non-Dahkbusta alumni, I’m digging Los Filthy’s “I’m an Ignorant Fuck.”  Oddly poignant and brutal as a sumbitch, it sort of sounds like Andrew W.K.’s brazen poundings minus the cheeseball ‘80s schtick.  Meat Depressed’s “You’re A Dick” is a put down that’s actually lots of fun and kinda reminds me of a more muscular version of the stuff Too Much Joy used to bash out with regularity in the early ‘90s.  Sure, there are some clunkers here and there (but really, what compilation is without its stinkers these days?), but the good outweighs the bad.  Anyhow, just pick this damn thing up already and you’re sure to find at least a few Boston bands that you’ll want to hear more of, and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?  –Ben Hunter



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