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- Under the Tray (Vagrant) Now, when I first popped this cd into my cd player I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  Reggie and the Full Effect sounded a little different than what I had been hearing lately.  They were a little emo, a little synth rock and a little dancey if I may say so.  I enjoyed the lyrics and I liked the voice behind it all.  Then there was a little break from the music to give the listener the first of many "Drunk Girl at the Get Up Kids show".  I thought it was funny, but it didn't leave a lasting impression.  Then there was more music and it was still pleasing to the ear. However, as time wore on in the cd I noticed it started to sound a bit derivative and then finally it all become kind of annoying.  The songs began to sound the same and there were more "Drunk Girl" episodes throughout the cd, and after a while it just wasn't funny anymore.  Though it's not a bad album as there are some really good songs, such as, "Your Bleedin' Heart" and "Megan 2k2", the album just kind of grated on me.  But, I will give Reggie and the Full Effect a lot of credit for trying to be a little different because of their musical sound.  Hopefully as the music progresses, the sound will become less derivative and more pleasant.  Not a bad start, but not great.-Liz Haebe



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