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THE QUEERS- Today (Lookout) Although only ten minutes long, The Queers once again are able to jam pack all five songs with masterfully played pop punk. “Yeah, Well, Whatever” starts things off and is a picture perfect Queers pop punk anthem. Although a touch slower than you normally here from these maniacs, “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon” and “I’m the Boy for You” are still damn fun and melodic as hell. Ben Weasel of Screeching Weasel, who also produced this disc, takes on the vocals in “I’ve Had It With You” and invokes a little Weasel attitude into this already rambunctious song. The disc concludes with a cover of The Beach Boys’ “Salt Lake City.” Cool disc, too short, new disc out in the Fall of 2001. I can’t wait, but this baby will help hold me over till then. – Denis Sheehan


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