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THE QUEERS- Live in West Hollywood (Hopeless) Why Denis gave me this cd to review Iíll never know. Why even bother reviewing this cd. One, if the reader of this review is reading this zine-which you are- chances are you already know all about The Queers. As much as Denis would like to fake himself into believing, itís not like some Britney Spears fan is going to pick up this zine and be transformed. The Queers have been around forever and are legendary in the pop punk genre. Everybody whoís into the music covered in this zine knows this already. Also, even though this is a new cd, readers will look at the cdís name and know what itís all about. Live..duh. Oh ok, screw it, hereís my review; The Queers play thirty-one live songs, old and new, most original and a few covers. They donít sound as pop punk live as they do on ďregularĒ cds. The sound is great and they play a great set. Joe Queer doesnít seem or sound fucked up at all, which is the only way Iíve ever seen him play. If you like The Queers, buy this cd. Then again, you donít need me to tell you that. Ė Fiona Skarsgard


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