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Long Story Short (Not Bad Records) Great lyrics, great instruments, great voice = great album. I have no “qualms” (pardon the bad pun) with this CD. The lyrics read alone are moving and ones I’m sure many people can easily relate to (…the gateway to a place where all is fine. Just like the time we went to our first punk show). “Bring Down” really brought a smile to my face as did the hidden songs on “Track 11”. The band has such an excellent sound I’ve become interested in checking them out live; it’s clear that the energy on the album would be easily transferred to a concert. There is a nice variety of sound to each of the songs so that it’s easy to tell one song from another (unlike so many “stuck in a style” bands today). All in all the CD is very well produced and one that deserves a permanent spot in your CD book. – Molly Singer




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