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- A Benefit for the National Association to Protect Children (Fat Wreck)  Aaah... punk rockers with a heart--  how sweet!  This bleeding heart benefit compilation gets you right in your ticker.  Touted by Fat Wreck Chords as a CD that in "real, pragmatic ways will help in the fight to chip away at children's political powerlessness, one kid and one law at a time," this project benefits the National Association to Protect Children; a grassroots, non-partisan organization that fights for children who have been abused, exploited, and/or neglected. This CD's a good one with a lot of bang for its beneficial buck.  Chock full of goodies, this compilation features 26 eclectic artists who decided to kick down for a good cause.  From the opening track, the melodic anthem, "Demons Away" by Matt Skiba, to the fun-lovin', cheeseball punk rockers NOFX's, "Leaving Jesusland," to Coalesce's cover of one of my old favorites, Jesus Lizard's "Mouth Breather," you get all kinds of musicians and styles for all kinds of tastes.  The common thread is a common desire to protect kids.  If you like bands like MxPx, Anti-Flag, Alkakine Trio, Communique, or Against Me!, you'll be pleased to discover previously unreleased tracks from them.  Treasures yet to be unearthed!  There's also some up-and-comings that I keep hearing about like the Soviettes, Grabass Charlestons (such a catchy name!), and a hootenanny of others, too many to mention. Among the CD's standouts include Smoke or Fire's track "Indecision."  It's angry, hard music and scathing lyrics mirror the album's purpose.  NOFX is great.  It's always good to hear from those guys. "When a Good Friend Attacks" by Western Addiction is awesome.  The last track from Against Me!, "Wagon Wheel," beautifully brings the comp all together with another heartfelt rocker originally written by Bob Dylan.  This is the real-deal, feel-good CD.  You feel good listening to it and you feel good knowing that 100% of proceeds go for the fight to protect kids.  You're bound to like something on this project.  Ultimately, you really can't go wrong. -Michelle Lemaster 

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