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PROPAGANDHI- Potemkin City Limits (Fat Wreck) Goddamn, these fuckers are intense!  The vibe they radiate is akin to doing somebody up the ass after they’ve eaten Mexican food and getting a jalapeno seed lodged inside your cock as a result.  The bottom line is that Propagandhi is angry about the state of world affairs and Potemkin City Limits is a scathing indictment of everything they hate.  The band is incredibly passionate about their views and they back them up with a blistering, skull-cracking sound that will blow your consuming, capitalistic little head right the fuck off your shoulders.  The fact that they quote Ricky from Trailer Park Boys at the beginning of their very cool CD booklet shows that they aren’t utterly humorless, but for the most part, this is some serious, serious shit.  (And for those of you unfamiliar with that brilliant Canadian comedy, I advise that you get it on DVD immediately.  It’s all great, but seasons 3 and 4 are especially fantastic).  While I respect a lot of their ideas and appreciate the power and pace of their songs, the one thing about Propagandhi that doesn’t quite do it for me is the vocals.  Often it sounds like they’re being fronted by the Offspring’s Dexter Holland- who they actually dis in the aforementioned CD booklet- and your standard at times metal/at times hardcore yelper.  For this shallow-ish reason, it’s a bit hard for me to listen to them.  I also tend to gravitate towards more lighthearted, melody-driven fare, but I think you should check Propagandhi out for yourself (some songs are available at  These guys have more globally substantive things to say than 99% of the bands out there, so this just may be your thingio, even if it’s not exactly mine. –Ben Hunter



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