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– To Be Continued…(GMM Records) At first, this band’s third album was something I could really get into and truly enjoy, even though I’m typically not a fan of the skin-head hardcore style. There was a pleasing lack of sappy love ballads which seem to be so popular in today’s music world. Instead, the CD was filled with underdog themes and in general songs to enjoy getting pissed off to. I thoroughly enjoyed “C St. Pass” which had a very catchy, moving beat; as well as the interesting bass solo in the touching ode to a lost friend, “Drinkin’ with the Damned”. However, as the album continued, I realized there’s a slight repetitive sound to many of their tracks, and while one can understand the need to find a style that works and stick with it, it made the second half somewhat dull. This brings me to the song, “The Great Divide” to which I cannot help but give a huge thumbs down, volume down. The beginning sounds like he’s mumbling the lyrics through a drunken stupor which lasts far too long, and while the harmonica is a change, it merely comes off as pathetic. The song does pick up eventually into another skin-head mosher, but it’s too late to save this song.   Having one stinker on an album is nothing to be ashamed of, however, and fans of the bands Rancid and Dropkick Murphys (both of whom Pressure Point has played with) and the like will most likely enjoy this band’s sound. The interesting cover art is reason enough to give the CD a chance.- Molly Singer


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