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- Choice vs Chance (Sinister Label) This is the underground scene gone to extremes, think of the most vicious hardcore band you know, One King Down will work, and cross that with a band like At The Drive-in.  Insane screamin’ (real) hardcore and spoken melodic breaks give this cd a sound that is truly unbelievable feeling of power and a definite place in the future of  the music we all love.  Starting around 1999, this five piece is relatively new (2 prior EPs), but damn, they found their sound and everybody needs to find these guys.  A live show has to be sick. A longer cd would be good too, Choice Vs. Chance is only 8 tracks/ 25 minutess.  A band like this is the exact reason I boycott radio. These guys will probably never get airplay so listening is just a waste of time; time you could spend listening to Preacher.- David Morgan 


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