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THE PINK SEXIES (POB 686, Knoxville, TN 37901) What a great cd. Imagine Angry Samoans, The New York Dolls, and the Jim Carroll Band blended together and playing ultra raw punk. The music heard here is so damn raw it will cause you to chafe and rash. You’ll need a big arse jar of Goldbond Medicated Powder. You know, the radio commercials you hear all day long about people itching and treating their rashes. I mean how gross is that? Who cares about other people’s itching and rashing? And the people who speak during the commercial sound as if they’re pleased as punch that they actually have uncontrollable itching and rashing to treat. Hey, maybe that’s where the Pink comes from in the band’s name..from rashing. Forget the Sexies part, there’s nothing sexy here, unless you use the term sexy as an adjective to describe good.. These dudes play the type of music you used to hear bands play upstairs at The Rat (Boston-Kenmore Sq.- gone).  I love every single minute of the 17+ minutes that makes up this seven song disc. Even better, the cd sounds live, but it’s not. Catchy, raw, and very low budget sounding..doesn’t get any better. – Denis Sheehan


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