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- Compulsive Disclosure (Lookout) Pinhead Gunpowder is a side project for a group of musicians who are better known for being in other bands. Billie Joe Armstrong is definitely better known for fronting Green Day… which would explain why this band sounds pretty much just like Green Day. Obviously this is not a bad thing as Green Day is an incredible band that has set the tone for all the wannabe pop-punkers out there, but Pinhead Gunpowder is its own entity. If you ignore the fact that this CD sounds like someone else made it, it is easy to commend these guys for being damn good musicians. It is clear that they are veterans of the music industry who have mastered power chords and put an extensive list of recordings on their resumes. This album is an energetic and fun bit of pop-punk action that does not lack in catchy rhythms. This fun, however, is short-lived as the nine-song release lasts less than fifteen minutes. The brevity of the album is excusable only because we know the members of this band are busy with their main projects. So despite the lack of substance, as side projects go, this is a mildly successful one.  –Emily Zemler



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