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- Civil War II (Band Site) Raw, grating and powerful are the first words that come to mind when hearing Penis Fly Trap’s “Civil War II.” Of course, you can’t listen to the CD with serious intent until you get over the fact that the band’s name is Penis Fly Trap, which is, by far, one of the funniest band names to ever be printed on a CD. Funny moniker aside, Penis Fly Trap has potential with its cacophonous and hard-hitting sound. The music, best described as street punk, is basic and seriously under-produced compared to most contemporary punk. Penis Fly Trap’s version of punk is not, however, similar to a lot today’s more melodic punk rock, but rather a throwback to the sound of bands like Sex Pistols. The music is simple, three-chord rock with fast beats and scratching vocals that sound more like yelling than singing. Of the twenty-plus songs included on the CD, most are less than two-minutes long, which is perfect for anyone with music-ADD. “Stand out and Fail” is the standout song on the album, and while it is arguably the most melodic inclusion, it is not actually all that melodic by outside standards. Penis Fly Trap does not win any points for creative lyrics or complex messages, but the childlike simplicity of the writing works with this particular sound. This CD is raw punk at its best, and has appeal far beyond the seriously innovative band name on the cover. –Emily Zemler



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