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- Murder Blues and Prayer (Dim Mak) After hearing this album, it became apparent that my genre awareness had just been shattered. Pearlene nails the punked out blues sound that the White Stripes became famous for. Murder Blues And Prayer is more addictive than one may expect. "You Done Told Everybody" is a class example of this, which will leave you wanting just a little bit more. Hazen Fricke rages behind his drum set while Reubin Glaser howls along on the mic. If a jilted love song is what you're craving, "Livin' Is.."and "I Thought You Knew" offer such an appetising tune. The jaded love theme is not native to these two songs. Oh no. A good majority of the cd is repetitious in that sense. But since Pearlene isn't limited to your everyday set up of a rock band; the raw punk and blues fusion allows for a wailing harmonica and an organ on songs like "Jinx Blues" and "Mutilation Boogie". The fluid transition of songs and the bands driving energy is a worthwhile purchase and will! add a little color to your garden variety punk collection. -Erica




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