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- Sevas Tra. (Site) I have a soft spot for female-fronted bands, especially those making music in typically male-dominated genres. OTEP, which is fronted by Otep Shamaya, is genuinely a metal band, but functions on a slightly different level simply because it is led by a woman. Shamaya, who seriously kicks ass, produces strong, harsh vocals that rival any male-fronted metal band. Sevas Tra, the band’s debut album, was released in June of 2002 and was produced by Terry Date, the man responsible for producing Pantera and the Deftones. It is clear that OTEP is an established metal act that helps to define the genre, rather than be defined therein. The music on this album is reflective and obviously personal for Shamaya, but in a very dark way. Shamaya may be singing about issue close to her heart, but lyrics like “I’ve got a fist full of shit for you flies to feed on…” suggest otherwise. This band may be led by a woman, but it is no less hardcore than its contemporaries; the screaming is equally raw and grating and the lyrics are equally vile. And I am assuming that in this particular genre, these are good things. OTEP absolutely deserves attention and when its next album is released in 2004, it just may be the next big thing.  –Emily Zemler


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