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ON THE RISE- Burning Inside (Bridge 9) There is an art to making hardcore punk music sound good- too much screaming and it’s just not listenable, too little screaming and it’s just not hardcore. On the Rise’s debut full-length successfully walks the line between too much and not enough. Their short and simple songs neatly combine melodies with raw vocals in the tradition of Strike Anywhere or Avail. Unlike those bands, however, On the Rise’s lyrics are not necessarily a reflection of their sound. Steering clear of political rants, On the Rise questions more personal issues in a way more common to emo bands. Lyrics like “emotional breakdown is making me frown/ but I will not lose sight/ choices made to turn around/ my feelings won’t drag me down” are rather unique to a band with such an aggressive sound. The incongruence between On the Rise’s sound and lyrics is not a problem, and certainly proves that you don’t have to be political with this kind of music. On the Rise features members of Agnostic Front and “Burning Inside” was produced by Roger Miret, also of Agnostic Front fame, and that influence is evident. The tracks on this release do not contain the usual amateur quality of many independent hardcore bands, but offer a polished, yet still refreshingly raw sound that may not be totally unique, but still rocks. -Emily Zemler



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