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- The Last…vol. 1 of 3 (Site) Much like drunkenly learning that an attractive co-worker has masturbated to you*, this is the sort of little something that’s a pleasant surprise to receive.  Unlike a lot of stuff I get to review, The Last... is short (5 songs), to the point (all tracks around 2 minute-something in length) and varied, but not so much that it’s all over the place.  The Numbskulls seem like thoughtful hooligans, the kind who would say, “Sorry Ma’am.  We’re kicking your headlights in because you’ve been driving recklessly the last few nights.  Oh yeah, we’re also doing it because it FEELS FUCKING GOOD!”  This disc is diversely tempo-ed but always raw in the best punk rock sense, and the lyrics are intelligent and generally heartfelt throughout.  Best of the bunch is “Take It,” a schizophrenic yet melodic cracker about persevering through shitty times.  “Misfit’s Blues” is the aurally relentless, poignant tale of one woman’s trials, love and ultimate loss in the wake of World War II, and despite the heavy subject matter, it’s still easy to listen to.  What also helps really make this release for me is lead singer Alex’s voice.  He’s got a charismatic growl that falls somewhere between Jerry from Bastard Squad and Faith No More’s original singer (you know, the one they had before they got all metal on our asses).  The next 5-song EP in this series is due out in early 2006. –Ben Hunter
*For the record, this has never actually happened to me.



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