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(Militia Group) Originating from California, alternative rockers, Noise Ratchet, are a band with little free time.  After forming in the summer of 1999, they debuted with their ’Till We Have Faces release which won the San Diego’s 2002 award for Best Recording.  After touring tirelessly with bands like Dashboard Confessionals and Switchfoot, 2003 marked the release of Noise Ratchet’s new six-song EP.  An assemblage of five brand new songs, and a revamped version of the acoustic, “A Way To The Heart” which originally appeared on ’Till We Have Faces.
Out of Noise Ratchet’s five new songs, “When Losing Ends,” “From Your Lips,” and “New Room” all are very up beat, on that new, punk-ish side of the alternative sound.  All with solid, catchy grooves that are just waiting for their destined radio airplay.  “Fiction Arms” also has that same kind of youthful power, but with a slightly more melodic pace, and with accolades to bassist Jon Jameson and drummer Brandon Young, cool, staggered rhythms. “Desire,” though gentle and euphonic, just seems flat in contrast to the aforementioned, energetic tunes.
Roger Molina and Danny Lothspeich, both on guitar, demonstrate solid, controlled playing but offer few surprises.  And Joel Hosler’s lead vocals are neoteric but tend to waver at times.
Joining the ranks of Johnny Cash, Slayer, and System of A Down, Noise Ratchet’s next full-length recording is due out early next year on American Recordings. – Melanie Falina



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