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- The War on Errrorism (Fat Wreck) “Angry White Male” is a term typically associated with middle aged right wing, conservative, Catholic males who feel threatened by those who dare be different in any way. Well, with The War on Errorism, NOFX has mockingly erased the AWM stereotype and attributed it with liberal punk rockers having the equivalent of a name calling hissy fit while stomping their feet in protest towards anything President Bush. There are some very angry messages and lyrics going on here. Although not as “poppy” sounding, the music is the usual cool sounding punk that NOFX has been playing for 20 years. “Franco Un-American,” which touts philosophies of Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, and Michael Moore, is one damn catchy tune that will have you singing the song to yourself, whether or not you agree with its message. Straying from politics, “She’s Nubs” had me feeling ashamed over my chuckling at the song’s topic. My favorite you ask? Easy, “13 Stitches.” As with all CDs, there is always a clunker (in my opinion anyway) and Errorism’s token clunker is the ska sounding “Anarchy Camp.” Additionaly, not only is Errorism is loaded with 13 (14 total) great songs, but this is one of those Mr. Fancy Pants enhanced CDs with two videos, movie trailer, and an amusing intro to these extra features. Although I do not agree with NOFX’s opinions, I like them better when they’re angry and frazzled and boy-oh-boy has Fat Mike’s feathers been ruffled.- Denis Sheehan


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