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- An American Addiction (Alternative Tentacles) Recorded May 12, 2000 at Roxbury Community College. For this 52 minute talk, Noam Chomsky discusses The United States’ intervention with and military aid to Columbia, and the vicious circle tax payer’s money is going through. Basically, the talk is how the US gives aid to Columbia’s military, which in turn helps out with the drug producing which flows in to the United States, who in turn spends billions combating. The more drugs that come into this country, the more money (taxpayer’s money) is sent to Columbia’s Military. Get it? Also discussed is who is benefiting from all this aid, ehem, already rich landowners, and how it is affecting  the peasants. Chomsky also briefly goes into other countries and US aid. This speech comes across as redundant and the running time seems like twice it’s actual length. The problem with Noam Chomsky, is that you can basically guess how he will view anything The United States does or enacts. Kind of like how you can predict Rush Limbaugh. No surprises. Although, I will say I was mildly surprised by Chomsky’s Clinton bashing. I usually enjoy listening to Chomsky, but this cd bored me. Maybe I am just not into the subject discussed. This isn’t one of Chomsky’s finest works, but that won’t stop his fans from listening to this cd. – Denis Sheehan  


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