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NOAM CHOMSKY- Free Market Fantasies; Capitalism in the Real World (Alternative Tentacles) Recorded on April 13, 1996 at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. This 56 minutes talk basically points out with examples, studies, and surveys how the United States Government and America’s large Corporations are teaming up to screw U.S. tax payers. Ala ”take from the needy, give to the greedy.” Mr. Chomsky points out how large corporations (ex: Fidelity Investments in Boston) blackmail a state to remain within it’s borders for large tax breaks. He also discusses how some major corps (Raytheon for one) get huge tax breaks, but also sells it’s goods to the U.S. Government delivering the ol’ double whammy to tax payers. The goal of this disc is not to overload you with numbers and statistics, it is meant to open your eyes with a little information so hopefully you’ll get off your butt and try to do something about all this special interest crap the government is pulling. One thing did annoy me, Mr. Chomsky points out the dangers of approx. ten corps controlling the world’s media, but felt confident enough to quote surveys and stories from that same media (NY Post, Wall St. Journal, etc.) when the findings backed his theories. Although smart, informing, and thought provoking, nobody will ever accuse Mr. Chomsky of being an overly exciting speaker. He gets to the point and does so in a very drab, monotone voice. I did love this disc, but I just happen to agree with what he is saying. I have for a long time, even before I ever heard of this guy. – Denis Sheehan


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