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- Here’s Mud in Yer Eye! (Shite 'n' Onions) Self proclaimed as “London-Irish Psycho Ceilidh,” Neck is reminiscent of The Pogues, but with more of a traditional Irish music flair searing with nontraditional electric guitars. The music sounds so “busy,” one might be fooled into thinking its being played by an army. The twelve songs are a collection ranging from 1997-2002 and you can hear the subtle differences within the music, either as a result of time or various changing musicians. Lead singer Leeson O’Keeffe doesn’t attempt to over power the music, I doubt anyone could, but he does add a sense of urgency, which is beautiful compliment to the sound. Starting the CD is “McAlphine’s Fusileers,” a song that will make you feel as if you’re sitting in an Irish pub. Come song number six, an instrumental called “The Maid Behind the Bar/The Sally Gardens,” you’ll feel like you’re sitting in an Irish pub feeling the effects of many a pint. Sorry for the stereotyping, but hell, that’s what this type of music does to me. Closing out the disc (well almost, it’s the second to last song), is a five minute monster version of the great “The Fields of Athenry.” Alrighty, since I brought it up: the disc concludes with an Irish themed version, “Ole Hooley,” of what all those football (soccer to Americans) fanatics chant while “watching” a match and beating the snot out of each other, “…Ole…Ole…Ole..” Rousing end to a rousing CD, indeed. This is a good CD and Neck is worthy of the term “Psycho Ceilidh.” – Denis Sheehan



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