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- 2009 (Rodent Popsicle Holy Shet!  My new activist anthem for the millennium is definitely Mouth Sewn Shut’s opener offa 2009 called “Names and Addresses”.  Not since The Pist’s Ideas are Bulletproof has anything remotely crusty caught my fancy quite like this.  Anarchist, apocalyptic, disruptive, and musically crushing record here.  In my handses. So lemme give you my long-winded backstory on my “activist” activity.  Much as I respect folks who go out and march in the streets to make themselves heard, that’s just not my way.  Some of my friends call me a capitalist cuz I always look at the money trail and think in business terms.  Call me what you like, if a business does me wrong, I have ways of getting them to make it right and I can do the whole routine Jerky Boys style.  My voice and a telephone are the only f%(kin weapons I need bring to the war and bring my enemies to their knees.  “What’s the secret?” you ask!  Well done, my son!  The secret is this: everybody has a weak point.  If they love money and position, bleed them of their time.  If they crave security, remind them oftheir vulnerability.  If they wish to avoid bad PR, let them know you have friends in the media.  To make a long story short, I can get the CEO on the phone and “reason” with her.  Works every time!  So here’s the lyrics to “Names and Addresses”

They’re profiting from killing you

And destroying our whole world

And the ones who are responsible

They have names and addresses too

Just like me and just like you

I’m not telling you what to go and do

But someting must be done

And it’s up to me and you!

It’s all set to a brutal tough-guy hardcore soundtrack (think One Voice-era Agnostic Front or Hatebreed) that never lets up, song after song.  I figured they couldn’t possibly keep up this level of quality on a full-length, but they do.  The tempos shift through all gears: from slow to mid-tempo to tough-guy to fast to real fast.  From real fast it sometimes goes into another speed above that. (Blinding?).  The drumming is as sick as the riffs are.  And best of all are the lyrics.  (I’d be lost without the lyric sheet!)  Angry, sick, funny, even brilliant at times. Saw these guys once and I wish I had had the chance to study the lyric sheet first. Just grab this when you see it.  – Brian McCaffrey





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