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- The Endless Retreat (Public Eyesore/South 6th Records) When I opened this discís jewel case I was engulfed by a huge cloud of stale pot smoke.  Choking my way to the stereo, I stuck The Endless Retreat in and listened as these 2 fuckiní weirdos (and I mean ďfuckiní weirdosĒ in the nicest way possible) noodled and pounded their way through 9 eccentric tracks.  What we have here is pretty simple: 1 guy plays a very active, distorted bass and sings sort of nerdily while another guy bashes the shit out of the drums.  Itís interesting and unlike anything Iíve received to review in some time.  I love the distorted bass sound- it absolutely rules.  Best song here is ďSlaves,Ē a lament about being stuck in a shitty service industry job.  Itís intelligent, it grooves and it really rocks in places.  Now that Iíve said all the good stuff I can think of about these characters, I have to suddenly slam on the brakes and tell you that the rest of the album, unique as it may be, just ainít for me.  Yeah, Iím a fossil, but Iím still stuck on that outdated notion that songs should hook you somehow, or at least make you feel something good.  Aside from ďSlaves,Ē these cuts put me more in mind of sitting in a hazy, cramped practice space watching a couple friends get stoned and fool around with their instruments.  They do stumble into moments of greatness here and there, but for the most part itís a lot of unremarkable soundwaves. ĖBen Hunter



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