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– Steals the Show No Talent Records (No Talent Records) If you value originality above all else, if the most important thing about a band for you is their sense of individuality regardless of enjoyability, then Miss 45 might not be for you.  For my part, though, I’ll almost always take catchy melodies sung slightly out of tune in front of a three chord progression played by  a two guitars/bass/drums backing band with an over the top New York Dolls obsession rather than an originally bland combo.  And that’s essentially what you get with Miss 45, four young men from Sweden who wear a lot of scarves and shirts with wide lapels and cuffs and lots of things with spots.  The songs are all about girls and drugs and booze, they all sound vaguely the same (and vaguely familiar) and they’re all guaranteed to get you out of your chair and shaking your ass.  I like this band.  I’d like to party with them (if I still partied).  I’d like to drink beer and watch bad movies with them while scantily clad young women bring us nachos and bend over suggestively.  Because when it comes to sleazy rock’n’roll, there’s no point in trying to be original.  Just like with sex.  There are no new positions to discover.  Just climb on and go. -Brian Mosher

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