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- Halldor Laxness (Victory) Minus has got to be one of the most horrible bands ever signed to Victory Records. Victory has an image of tough hardcore bands such as Vision of Disorder, and not this pussy rip off of Deftones vocals mixed with hardcore riffs and drums that Minus has put together. There is nothing more from this band in this album than trying to follow the trend rather than setting the trend.  The "trend" died in 1997 and no one wants to hear more of an already established band.
Minus seems to have a problem with being emo as well as hardcore at the same time, with the offset chance that their vocalist who can't help you remind yourself of the original Deftones vocalist sounds. Please. This band is another failure to grace the once sacred Victory label. It took more than a month to have this CD reviewed in any type of positive fashion by multiple people, and it was unsuccessful. The first song is unbearable, as are each additional song that follows. It is completely unclear as to where this band fits into any type of genre or musical style. This CD is boring and the music, riffs, drum beats are completely "played" out. Don't drop a dime on this record as not even being paid to have the album is worth your time. Thumbs down all the way. -Fred Netzband



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