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A Jackknife to a Swan (Side One Dummy) If you’re reading this zine and review, you already know who The Bosstones are and what they’re all about. They have been a staple in the Boston scene, and beyond, for years. I will admit, I use to be a huge fan of these guys, but I’m writing about way back when they were on Taang Records. Since those days, The Bosstones have abandoned their punk/ska sound for more of a ska/rock sound. The sound is still good, but it’s not nearly as insane as it once was. That brings us to this cd; as with their past couple releases, The Bosstones have captured a cool ska horn laden, rock sound laced with Dicky Barrett’s trademark voice. Along with sounding great, I don’t think I’ve ever related more with a song than “I Want My City Back.” Evidently, both Dicky and I want the old Kenmore Square back. Damn, if Dicky’s familiar voice wasn’t heard in “Seven Ways to Sunday,” I’d never guess in a million years that this song was a Bosstone’s tune. I did really like this cd, I just want my old Bosstones back. – Denis Sheehan



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