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- Volume 1 (Site) One time I took some acid and my friend Larry eventually started to look like a cartoon mongoose.  I could totally picture him picking off snakes like his Rikki Tikki Tavi brethren.  But I don’t think The Mice would look like their namesake under the same circumstance.  Based on this disc, they’d most likely be more akin to grinning, salivating spiders, and at least one of them would probably be wearing Buddy Holly glasses.  These spiders, sorry, Mice have a nasty, frenzied, and often melodic sound, and the main vocalist sometimes sort of comes across as a hipster nerd (but in a good way).  Lyrically, the band seems to have sin on their collective mind.  (And speaking of having something on your mind, Larry [the mongoose] and I were driving down the Mass Pike once and listening to Loretta Lynn’s “Don’t Come Home A’Drinkin’ [With Lovin’ On Your Mind].” A highway rest stop sign we passed while this track was playing made us think that if she would’ve changed it to “Don’t Come Home A’Drinkin’ [With Fresh Fudge On Your Mind],” the song would’ve been even more intriguing).  Anyhow, I like this disc.  And while most of the songs rip along nicely and seem to generally call some fucker (or fuckette) on a host of offenses, I think my favorite out of the 9 tracks is “Sunny Day.”  It’s a feverish proclamation of the hipster nerd’s love for his girl, and it has a cool, spidery (sorry, I’ll put the acid away, man) burst of lead guitar in the middle.  They punctuate it with an unexpected burp, but they ain’t foolin’ me none.  These creatures have heart, and that’s what ultimately makes Volume 1 worth checking out. –Ben Hunter



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