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- Lunchbox (Kung Fu Records) A few years ago I saw a show about the inner workings of the brain. The show concentrated specifically on how the hypothalamus can be manipulated in a certain way to produce outright rage. A small metal hat was strapped to a docile looking catís head, kind of making the cat look like a little feline tin man. The hat was hooked up to some machinery designed to stimulate the hypothalamus, and when they turned it on, the cat started hissing and tried to tear the shit out of another cat that was caged nearby. As soon as they shut the machine off, it settled right down. Can you guess where Iím going with this? To say that my hypothalamus was stimulated after listening to mi6 would be an understatement. This band is an ABSOLUTE carbon copy of Blink 182- same vocals, song structure and lyrical content. They even followed the asinine trend of sticking a random number into their band name. I donít think Iíve ever heard one band clone another so closely. Maybe I wouldnít mind so much if I actually liked Blink 182, but, unhappily, I donít. One Blink 182 is more than enough. The saddest thing about this whole sorry mess is that the guys in mi6 definitely have some talent. If these native Kansans took it to its natural progression instead of aping a bunch of overly hyped sumbitches from the West Coast, I think they could really come up with something cool. ĖBen Hunter



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