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THE MEDVEDS- Aging Failures (Band Site) After many years, a few 7 inch releases, countless shows, and a few delays, The Medveds have finally released their first compact disc. The music on this 25 song disc is best described as “Nautical Punk.” Nautical Punk you ask? If Capt. Kidd needed a band to motivate his ship full of pirates before pillaging a coastal town of their money, booze, and woman, The Medveds would be offered a full time job. That, my friend, is Nautical Punk. Along with a whirlpool of melodic riffs and hooks, Adam Thorsell and Ben Hunter share the contradicting vocals. Adam’s voice is smoothly strong, while Ben’s voice is down right gritty and almost “drunken” sounding. The songs are led by Jeremy Brady’s strong lead guitar, as drummer Eric Altieri and bassist Larry Ramona round up the pounding rhythm section. From the seaside marching sound heard in “In Like Flynn,” to the inferior complex laden “A Stiff Like Me,” to the melody stricken “She Won’t Shave Her Legs,” to the passionate loneliness in “Sort Of,” this disc is loaded with a non-stop barrage of unique Nautical Punk. There is even a cool, hyped out instrumental called “Western Pill Party!” Although I love this entire disc, “BC Headache Powder” is my favorite here, as is “Ned the Pirate,” as is “Cindy is a Man,” you get the picture. – Denis Sheehan   





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