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THE MEDVEDS- Boos, Coups & Interviews (Asinine Records/Pill Party Records) I done thought I may just have to consider conjuring up the greasy soul of former Medveds manager “Mean” Russell Taff because he was there. He was there when The Medveds packed Boston ’s clubs leaving ‘em scratching for more. However, the Gods of booze, drools, and …uh…mules cast me to hell and left me alone to review Boos, Coups, & Interviews. Though they broke up many years ago (but three of ‘em did play a show as The Brutally Honest Cocksuckers), The Medveds have released a CD chock full of otherwise rare live recordings and three radio interviews (WAAF, WBCN, WJUL). Now, some of you Askew Reviews vets may know Ben Hunter writes for the zine, but he did not provide this CD. Larry Ramona, the bassist, did. No conflict here, ladies! Known for their unique nautical punk sound, the disc opens with “Boner Song” and tears through 22 other stage hopping favorites. The entire run of live tunes are great (and sound amazing), but my favorites are the sing along “Mercy Fuck,” Bureaucrats of Love,” “Pothead Give me Some Ludes” and Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line” (you have to love the sudden quick up tick in tempo and the sound of lead singer Adam fighting to keep up-great stuff). Let me not forget to mention the silly banter between songs. After the live tracks come some rehearsal tracks, which are unlisted. A montage of the three radio station (including a live version of “Cindy is a Man”) concludes the CD, where you can hear a great one liner that totally shuts up the interviewer. Hilarious! I done can not stop playing “Mercy Fuck” and I can not stop singing the song inside me dome! – Denis Sheehan



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