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MEDIA DROPOUT- Muddled (Zero Youth Records) It would be easy to write off these young Show Me Staters as merely Nirvana-bees, and maybe I should. (And maybe I should also stop going out after work, drinking my ass off, doing regrettable things and then passing out on the last train home, ultimately missing my freakin’ stop and causing all sorts of heartache. But I doubt I will). Muddled, for the most part, sounds like early Nirvana demos drenched with a heady mixture of sludge, motor oil and shit. Hell, they’ve even got a song called “Celebrity Whore” that trashes- you guessed it- Ms. Courtney Love. Such obvious hero worship generally ain’t my thingio, yet for some reason I can’ t fully grasp, I actually sort of like these guys. Some of these songs just feel good going in, I guess. And what’s more amazing is that after initially scanning their press sheet, which reads like it was written by a high school dropout, I thought there’d be no fuckin’ way this would do anything ! for me at all. Go figure. –Ben Hunter



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