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- Fat, Drunk, & Stoopid (Good Cop Bad Cop) Just when you think Meat Depressed has gone the way of a beer within the reach lead singer Pete Depressed, ehem gone, they come back and release a helluva cd. Packed with eighteen tracks (psst…there’s a hidden one), Meat Depressed continues to kick out punk rock that’ll have you singing along, you out of tune bahstud. Kicking off the cd is “Not Lonely (Just Alone),” a fast paced tune to which many single dudes can relate. If you’re over 30, “Pissing My Life Away” will have you thinking about where the time went. The cover of Joe Jackson’s “One More Time” has some damn cool guitar licks courtesy Bob Kadlec, who in my mind is one of Boston ’s best. Bassist Vic Leemon sings lead for “Second Shift” and “American,” the latter being an ultra fast, great “proud to be American” song. ‘Atta boy Vic! Acting as the drunken glue holding this fine ensemble together is drummer John Stone, who’ll knock your hat off with his drumming..and then probably steal your beer. Hear that familiar voice on some of the tunes? Yep, Joe Queer. Track 14, “Farewell Baby,” is for Joey Ramone. God, I still can not believe three of the original four are gone. “It’s Friday” is the perfect Friday song and since today is Friday, has gotten me fired up to get out of work and get to it. This is a good one, you’ll suck if you don’t pick it up, and of course, play it. – Denis Sheehan



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