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MEAT DEPRESSED- 1,2,3,4 (Band Site) A Ramones cover/tribute cd is not a new idea, but what makes this particular cd special is that Meat Depressed actually had the balls to cover the lesser known, but just as great, Ramones songs. True Ramones’ fans will most certainly appreciate this. The Depressed Ones start the cd off with a melody of maybe 15 different popular Ramones songs, they even throw in some Ramones trademark chitter-chatter as the melody concludes. The rest of the cd is made up of fifteen other great Ramones songs; “Carbona Not Glue,” “Babysitter,’ “Slug,” “Indian Giver,” “Chop Suey,” and more. Although I’m really not going to comment on the music because, well, it’s played how the Ramones play and the boys do a very admirable job. They nicely mimic The Ramones, but do not outright copy them. Peter Walsh’s vocals are nothing like Joey and why should they be? Pete adds his own thing to keep the songs from being carbon copies of The Ramones. You have to love Ramones guitar riffs! I must learn to play a Ramones riff/chords. I have a collection of Ramones cover/tribute cds and this one sits right up there with my favorite- Screeching Weasel’s Beat on the Brat. Cool band, great live band, great cd. – Denis Sheehan



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