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MANIC HISPANIC – Grupo Sexo (BYO Records) Oh man, this CD is bad. You know, that type of bad that’s just so bad it’s actually good… ok, let me explain. Manic Hispanic (made up of members of The Adolescents, Cadillac Tramps, Agent Orange, Punk Rock Karaoke, 22 Jacks and The Grabbers) has released their 4th full-length disc of punk classic covers. Actually, think Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, only with a Latin twist. The covers, of course, boast their own re-written lyrics to give a more, well, manic type of Hispanic flavour (yes, pun intended) that just ends up being fun for everyone, whether or not you enjoyed the original classics. Loved The Ramones’ Havana Affair? Then check out “Tijuana Affair” for a marijuana-inspired remake. Or my personal favourite on this disc, “Welcome to Paramount,” a wonderful parody of a classic Green Day hit. This band turns great punk oldies into a laughable tribute to some great bands. And if you want a disc that’s just a good time all around, it might not hurt to check out this band.- Bryana Robinson



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