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- Infidel (Site) Surprisingly, I liked this record.  It's the sort of angry, I've-been-gargling-with-gravel-and-glass sort of thing that usually makes my head hurt, but there's something about Makeout Music that I found strangely appealing; like the way I can sometimes enjoy sticking my hand into a pound of ice cold ground beef to mix it with raw eggs and bread crumbs for my patented meat loaf.  At first, it hurts like hell; then, when the beef starts to warm up a bit, it's all squishy and slimy and really gross.  Yet, there's something pleasurable about feeling the raw meat and egg ooze between my fingers, knowing that it's getting caught under my fingernails.  I'm not sure how to bring this analogy back to Makeout Music.  I think one of the things that attract me to this record is the sound of the drums.  Usually this type of band has a drummer with what sounds like a huge kit, tons of cymbals, double bass drum, and his objective is to pound as many beats as possible into each second of every track.  But Makeout Music's Tyler has a stripped down sound, almost like a rock-a-billy thing, and he actually plays with some sense of taste.  All in all, this is as good as anything I've heard in this sub-genre.  – Brian Mosher



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