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- Under Suspicion (Victory Records) When I first gave this CD a listen to, I must admit, I wasn’t all that captivated or intrigued. However, as I began to listen to it more, it became better and better, forcing me to come to the conclusion that this is indeed a good record. Under Suspicion is a unique blend of classic and new punk, quite different than the typical hardcore that is usually being sprouted from Victory. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the bands that get released from this label (Refused, Snapcase, FATA, etc…), but Madcap is a definite breath of fresh air among its peers, melding together the right combination of punk, ska, and pop all in one. Though a few of their tunes can be a tad bit sugary (i.e. “Lovesick”), their honest, relatable lyrics somehow seem to make up for this. My favorite track on this record is by far “Midnight Strikes”, as its slight change of tempo from the rest of the album creates a subtly beautiful closure to Madcap’s latest release. And though I am a bit doubtful that this band is likely to become a classic among its kind, they do have a definite chemistry and a true passion that is not to go unnoticed- Bryana Robinson



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