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- Virtual Booty Machine (Juicy JuJu) Alright, before any of you Lovewhip like electro dance bands send in your CD for review, please know that I am reviewing Lovewhip for two reasons only; although I have about as much rhythm as a day old donut, I find Lovewhip’s songs very grooving’ and danceable (this may not be a good thing for Lovewhip because I suck). In fact, if you were to drive by my house, you just might see my five year old daughter and I boogieing away in the kitchen to Lovewhip. Also, and more importantly, while my chances are below zero of getting into the pants of Lovewhip’s singer, the very hot Erin Harpe, perhaps writing a positive review of her band will increase my chances by .0001 percent. That’s enough for me. So other electro dance bands, think twice before sending in your disc. Lovewhip’s sound is a combination of electro, hip hop, and even reggae, which is prevalent in “Sitting and Watching.” The two most moveable tunes are “Show Your Love” and “Virtual Booty Machine,” while “Get it on Down” is heavy on the rock side. The next seven songs are remixes of the first four; you know how it goes with dance groups and their remixes. Since this type of electro dance music is so damn foreign to me, I honestly do not know how to describe it other than offering maybe it is akin to The B-52, Berlin, and a little of that bimbo who sings for No Doubt. Good rhythms and a hot female voice make Lovewhip a good listen. You know, I’ve often heard that how you move on the dance floor signifies how you fuck. That is totally untrue in my case. I fuck far worse than I dance. Ah yes, the ladies are lining up…- Denis Sheehan



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