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- The Brink (Jafzi Records) Their press sheet reads: “LOKI THE GRUMP is today’s ‘in yer face’ boot stomping punk!”  I say: What in THE FUCK are they talking about?!?  This sounds more like today’s “mediocre band likely to be found slogging away as part of some kid’s high school recording project.” (That was a quote from me if you weren’t quite sure).  Seriously- mildly distorted guitar, mid-tempo songs, toothless riffs and occasional shouts do not equate to “boot stomping punk.”  Their press sheet states: “It’s the kind of music to get a speeding ticket to, to push and shove people to, to throw your ex’s stuff out the window to…”  I say: “It’s the kind of music to clear the dance floor, to tune out like most commercials, to ultimately not register at all.”  And it’s not even that this release actually completely sucks.  Singer Michelle Jaffe has a nice voice and the other band members can all obviously play their instruments.  It’s just that the songs themselves, especially after the “boot stomping punk” build up they gave me before I listened to them, produced absolutely zero excitement for me.  I think the press sheet was so well-written- yet completely misleading- that when I finally popped this disc in, it made The Brink even more of a disappointment than it would have been had I listened to it without reading all the hype beforehand. –Ben Hunter



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