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-Fire, Blood, Water (Minty Fresh) If you’re a fan of The Rolling Stones (in their prime), Beck, Franz Ferdinand or The Killers, The Living Blue (originally dubbed the Blackouts) is a group that you want to add to your list of favorites. There is a definite mix of retro rock, with today’s alternative in the guitar driven tracks on this CD. This is a group who can actually play their instruments, and they showcase that talent in tracks like “She Bleeds Pink,” and “Secrets.” This is an album anyone can listen too. It’s not heavy rock, but then again it doesn’t fall into the category of sugary pop either.  It has that old school jam session vibe that’s not too abrasive, but you can still rock out to it. My favorite has to be “Murderous Youth,” a tune about an average Joe just trying to live a normal life, but he has this dark cloud hovering over him all the time. He has to realize that even though things seem bad now, everything isn’t always as it appears. The song’s beat has a James Bond feel to it that underlines the mysterious lyrics. This is a great party album. You can’t listen to this cd, and not nod your head or tap your foot.  -Krystal Clark

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