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LES HATEPINKS- Tete Malade/Sick in the Head (TKO Records) These motherfuquers are the coolest Frenchmen I’ve come across since meeting long-lost pal Bruno, who sings for punk mambo kings Babaloo and is rumored to have once killed a man. Tete Malade/Sick in the Head is the kind of disc that makes me happy I write these stupid reviews. Seven snotty, dirty-groovin’, ripping, hilarious tracks that clock in at a whisper over nine minutes just can’t be beat. “Sexual Liberation is for Animals” is vicious, tears along beautifully, sharpens my French counting skills and is probably my new favorite song. The album’s title track is just about as good. I also love “Sweep the Shit,” which is manic and a helluva lotta fun. And maybe it’s just something that gets lost in translation, but I’m not quite sure what the line “Sweep the shit out your face” actually means, yet I can’t stop saying it. And even the songs that are merely good instead of awesome- “Should I Kill Myself or Go Jogging” and “Your Ass is a Stereotype,” for example- are still funny as all get out. I know it’s only January, BUT this is definitely the best thing I’ve heard in 2007. –Ben Hunter



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