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LEATHERFACE- The Last (BYO Records) I hate to say it, but this disc teeters between not doing much for me and being flat-out boring.  The reason I hate to say it is that from all Iíve read about these guys (admittedly only stuff they put in their press kit), not liking this CD means I donít have an ounce of Indie credibility.  And oh, how Iíve longed for that olí Indie cred, and now everythingís ruined!  Most of the songs on The Last seem like Husker Du without the hooks or bite.  Despite this, singer and primary songwriter Frankie Stubbs has a remarkable voice- think Lemmy but more dynamic.  Leatherface has a song on this disc called ďShipyardsĒ that pairs Frankieís growl with a scaled down piano, and it works well.  Unfortunately, the rest of the CD falls into the trap of too much mid-tempo fuzzy (some may call it punk- I donít) rock.  The Last was originally put out in Europe in 1993 or í94 but never saw the light of day here.  Itís been re-released in 2001 with 8 more tracks from a Stubbs side project called Pope, giving me the impression that what Iím hearing now is basically the equivalent of b-sides and rarities that would mainly be appreciated by hardcore Leatherface fans.  As much as Iím not into this disc, Iím going to try to round up another Leatherface release, hopefully catching them on their A-game, before I make a final judgment. ĖBen Hunter


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