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(Fearless Records) My compliments to whoever wrote the five songs on this EP. Not necessarily for the lyrics, which are for the most part indecipherable, but for the guitar parts which are complex and dynamic. These songs are indeed guitar-driven alternative rock that is moody in a manner that is energetic rather than depressing. The first song, cleverly entitled “Hey Hey Hey” is essentially impressive guitar riffs interspersed with the words “Hey Hey Hey.” Lyrically, at least in terms of the repetitive “hey’s,” the song borders on being obnoxious, however, musically, it’s a notable song. The major distinction between The Kinison’s music and that generally heard on the radio, is that instead of hurrying to reach the chorus within the first thirty seconds of the song, The Kinison employs extended intros that give its songs a drastically different feeling. In “The Way I Used to Be” the chorus is not actually reached until after almost a full minute of the four-minute song has passed. This song, potentially the best selection off the EP, boasts hollow, melodic vocals combined with raw “screaming” and strong guitar riffs. One remarkable thing about this band is that they have managed to create a unique sound that does not necessarily fit snugly into any particular brand of music, but rather could be influenced by any number of bands or genres. The Kinison should absolutely continue to make music that is not commercial-based rock, but instead is music made for music’s sake. - Emily Zemler



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