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KILL YOUR IDOLS- Funeral for a Feeling (Side One Dummy) Seventeen fast, hard punk rock songs with vocals of screaming variety. The music is most entertaining, but the singing did get on my nerves after listening to about nine tunes. However, the intense music really helped even out the nerve issue. “Fall Out” is great. Hey, all the songs are cool. – Denis Sheehan


MADCAP- Stand Your Ground (Side One Dummy) Catchy, if not particularly inventive, punk rock for the post-Rancid set. There’s no arguing that Madcap has attitude in spades and the band conveys a  fun, "the gang’s all here" vibe that’s probably a blast live. Tackling issues less predictable and done-to-death than how much MTV, "corporations," radio, and the government suck might make Madcap more palatable and memorable, though. Regardless, there’s more than enough to enjoy if you like your guitars loud, songs fast, and attention-span short. ‘Stand Your Ground’ doesn’t veer from already-established formulas, but the band gives it all they’ve got and makes one hell of a noise. – Chris Wissmuller


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