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KICKED IN THE HEAD- Thick As Thieves (Band Site)  If my band still existed, I’d definitely try to book a show with these guys (though I’d privately worry that they would out-rock us).  Kicked In The Head gives us an energetic variety of punk, rock and funky ska on this 10-song release.  These earnest young men from Quincy, MA have done a nice job of combining anthemic choruses and creative arrangements.  They get bonus points for having a trombone that is used for a lot more than just a means to induce skanking.   I also like the fact that they have four vocalists.  The lead singer does sometimes sounds like the guy from Offspring, but that’s not meant to be an insult.  The subject matter of the songs is generally serious, touching on betrayal, resiliency, addiction and how fucked up shit can be (the song “Shit’s Fucked Up” is my favorite on this disc, as a matter of fact).   I bet they’d be great to see live.  – Ben Hunter. 


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