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- Shoot Yourself in the Foot (Site) I love Kermit’s Finger, but I must be honest and disclose that I listened to this cd in a different light. Askew’s unfocused and part time loser editor, Denis (also a long time friend), informed me of drummer Ross Clot’s marriage to a nice, cool, good looking woman who bakes a mean chocolate cake. Congratulations are in order to Ross and his Bride, but since I find Ross to be one of the sexiest men alive, I am also a bit heartbroken and the news has this girl’s pink pasticcio bone dry. Having been living in New Zealand and New York, it’s been a few years since I’ve heard anything new from Kermit’s Finger and I’m not the least bit surprised to hear that these three Boston Drunk Punkers haven’t slowed down a single beat. With longer song times and, most notably, more lyrical content than past releases, it is evident that Kermit’s Finger has taken their music to a higher level. I’m certainly not suggesting that these guys went and matured on us. Hell, no! After all, show me a mature punk band and I’ll show you a bore. It’s more like Kermit’s Finger has taken their madness to the shock treatment wing of the punk rock asylum; you know, where the truly nutty patients are conveniently hidden. “Do the Panic” opens the disc and I defy you to find a better opening song to a punk cd. Go ahead, I dare you! This song loudly declares “There’s a riot building in me,” which becomes obvious as the cd progresses and you hear Evil Ed, Pete Pasted, and Ross spew their musical riot into your ears. Following this aggressive song is “Nicotine,” a love/hate song concerning cigarettes that I’m sure a lot of people can relate. “Running on Empty” hectically pits Ed’s on the edge chorus singing with Pete’s over the edge insanity. All Red Sox fans will dig “Pedro-a-go-go,” a homage to Mr. Martinez’s “wicked fastball.” Since I’m on the topic of fans, nonfiction fans will be happy to know that “Kiss My Twat” is a based on a true story about one drunken woman repeatedly yelling “kiss my twat!” during an argument. As I type this long arse review and even though I dig the entire disc, “Drill It In” is quickly rising in my own personal poll to my favorite song on this cd. Sixteen songs make up this cd and it’s all good stuff. What we have here are three guys who play, and sing, frenzied punk rock that will entice you to get drunk and throw your significant other out the window…in a punk way, of course. – Fiona Skarsgard (italics) and Denis Sheehan



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